How Young People Can Have Their Say

If you are a young member of the district and want your voice to be heard then there are a number of activities you can get involved in.


What is out there that you can get involved in?

  • Y.S.E.G - Regular meetings to talk about important issues and to let young people have their say (for ages 12-25).
  • Youth Parliament - Allows youths to meet and debate issues across the region and gives them a taste of parliament (ages 14-25).
  • Young People's Meetings - Meets once a month, usually on a Saturday to have fun and carry out work on projects in the region.
  • Hack Pack - A chance to take on a role as journalist for the Young Scot website by writing reviews, features, news and more!
  • Inspector8 - Involves young people in matters and helps them to inspect the community and how it can be improved.
  • I'm A Councillor - A fun, interactive event in which young people have their chance to ask councillors questions within the district and how they can help the youth of today.
  • There are also many local groups and clubs for young people in your area so please click here to view them.

And many more! We need your help! If you know of any more activities available to young people then please let us know.


How can you get involved?

  • You can contact the Youth Issues Unit in Dumfries in Galloway.

Address - Council Offices, English Street, Dumfries, DG1 2DD
Tel - 01387 260041 / 260201
Fax - 01387 260034
Email -