The Church in Kirkcudbright

It is said that the original name of the town, Caer Cuabrit - the fort at the bend - was changed into one of similar sound but different meaning, Kirkcudbright - the Kirk of Cuthbert - in honour of Cuthbert, the illustrious Saxon saint, to whom the first Christian church here owed its foundation. We now have three churches in Kirkcudbright. The Parish Church, which was St Cuthbert's (Church of Scotland - Presbyterian) which is sited centrally in the Town; Greyfriars, The Scottish Episcopal Church at the Moat Brae near the Harbour and St Andrew and St Cuthberts, The Roman Catholic Church situated off the High Street up the lane between the Library and the Police Station.


Parish Church of Scotland, St Mary Street

Services: 9.30am; 11am; 6.30pm,
2nd Sunday of the Month, Service of Christian Healing


Greyfriars Church, Moat Brae

Services: Sunday 11.00am Eucharist with hymns;
Thursday 10am Holy Communion


St Andrew and St Cuthbert's

Services: Mass Sunday 9.30am, Monday 10am, Thursday 10am, Friday 10am
Confession: Thursday 10.30
Tel: 01557 330687     Priest: Rev. William R. McFadden


New Life Church, Kirkcudbright

Meetings: at Greyfriars House, St Cuthbert Street, Kirkcudbright, DG6 4HZ on Wednesday evening, once a fortnight at 7pm
Further information: please contact us on 01556 505855 or look us up on Facebook or Message us @newlifechurchkirkcudbright
Contact: Pastor John King